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Drive-by Update

We're driving to Ionia after work tonight to spend the weekend with my mom. As usual, the car is stuffed with all manner of things. I'm bringing her printer ink cartridges and photo paper; in return I expect to get stuff for the animal shelter and bring home recyclables. That's one problem with living out in the country -- no curbside recycling. Fortunately, mom has me.

Yesterday we ventured to Motor City Free Geek to donate computer gear. I'm curious to see if we here in the Detroit area are capable of establishing a successful self-supporting Free Geek chapter.

After chatting with one of the group's founders, we had dinner at Thai Garden Restaurant for the first time in probably ten years. I have no idea how many times the restaurant changed hands -- it used to be one of favorites but the place changed owners and the food went from great to bad. We thought we'd give them another chance and everything was really, really good. I think it may have been even better than it was when discovered them in the early 90s.

I watched SVU this week and last. Last week was entirely forgettable and, in fact, I've forgotten what it was about. This week's episode to be an experiment to determine how many crazy and unlikely people the writers could squeeze into a single episode. The answer? Too many -- and yet not enough to save the episode from being a bore.

In the hoarding problem department, I have apparently watched enough Peter Walsh to hear his words ring in my mind when I'm deciding what has to go. This lead to two boxes of books being taken to the library for donation this week, and a big box of stuff to Purple Heart. I'm happy to be regaining space in my house but the amount of dust this has stirred up is staggering and has, of course, irritated my allergies. Oh well, given enough time and effort, the house will become a friendlier environment.

Both of the cars had to go to the repair shop this week. One had a slow leak in the cooling system but was drivable. The other car had a dead battery -- and was in the driveway, preventing the other from getting out. Fortunately, we have jumper cables and Jebra knows how to use them.

We've also had a fair amount of snow. Enough that the boss declared Monday a Snow Day and told us to work from home. We had to shovel again this morning, much to my annoyance. I'm tired of snow and want to see the return of green grass and flowers.

In addition to having our taxes done, I also forced myself to cull through more of my photos from 2010. I wrote out three CDs last night am now caught up through August. I expect to be able to finish sorting through the remainder of the photos in the next week or two, now that the directories that were causing me the most grief are done. Picking through 365 photos of the FCB Big Band playing at Heritage Park last summer and a slightly smaller number taken during Makers Faire was tough.

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