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My regularly scheduled SVU Rant

I watched SVU last night and, oh boy, was I ever annoyed.

Plot wise, the story didn't jump all over the place the way most recent episodes have done. And I was surprised that when it was a video thing on campus it wasn't a ripped from the headlines one about the poor kid who committed suicide after his roommate recorded him having sex with his boyfriend.

What really pissed me off was the kid saying he'd selected the SVU unit because they have the highest solve ratio of any police group in NYC. Pissed because for most the season the more subtle message has been "cops and the justice system can't be trusted." And I was furious that the kid felt he had to manipulate the police into doing their job.

I was also furious with the kid for using blackmail to reach his goals. And with Stabler for going off on his own. Even with being watched, he should have been able to leave a covert message for Cragen or Finn or Munch. (Was Munch even in this episode?)

I was also annoyed that the SVU was able to solve the original crime, and that they were able to find the solution so quickly. I feel that if it was that obvious, the kid himself would have worked it out himself and years ago. I also thought it was completely unbelievable when Olivia shows up at the crime scene with the kid in tow. Oh yeah, like that'd really happen.

So for me, the main message of yesterday's episode was "the police have to be forced to do their jobs."

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