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Two unrelated things I'm thinking about

I expect I'm preaching to the choir, but for folks who don't think marriage is at all important:

Hoping to fulfill Fliszar’s wishes, Ketterson contacted the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis and told them that Fliszar, Class of ’71, had wanted to have his ashes interred at the USNA’s Columbarium, a serene white marble waterside crypt next to the school’s cemetery.

The memorial coordinator asked about his relationship to the deceased. Ketterson said that John Fliszar was his husband.

“They were always polite, but there was this moment of hesitation,” Ketterson recalled. “They said they’re going to need something in writing from a blood relative. They asked, ‘Are you listed on the death certificate?’ ‘Do you have a marriage license?’ ”

He was and they did, the couple having been married in Des Moines when gay marriage became legal in Iowa two years ago.

Ketterson sent a copy of the marriage license. That changed everything.

Source:Gay Marine’s husband surprised at respect shown by Naval Academy

The other is this quote, which I found in an article on funeral pires:

By all accounts, Belinda Ellis was a free spirit. During the last years of her life, she lived with her husband and her boyfriend, Skip Benson, 59.

"We had a friendship between the three of us that very few people could share," said Randy Ellis, 51.

What a neat lady.

Source: 'One with the sky': Funeral pyres in Colo. town

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