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My Thursday review of Wednesday night's SVU

Which I think has become a thing (although sometimes in responses to other people's posts, not in my own blog).

SPOILER WARNING (although considering my opinion of SVU, "spoiled" fits the show more than I what I expect to post here)

Major thought: Once again the episode indicated that (A) the police/prosecutor's office cannot be trusted because they are dishonest and guilty of criminal behavior themselves. Oh, SVU, what happened to you? I feel like I'm a mom in an interrogation room, looking across the table at my kid, and wondering just where it all went wrong.

Also, yesterday's ep was confusing. Lots of she's bad, no she's good, no she's bad, rinse, repeat. If the person who stole the money was identified, I missed it. I know who the killer was, but by then I no longer cared.

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