Mrs_Sweetpeach (mrs_sweetpeach) wrote,

Drive-by Update

Busy, busy weekend:

Friday: Work, drop off Jebra's car at the repair shop, and do something but heck if I can remember what other than I stayed up too late.

Saturday: Wake up early, go to Nia, come home, shower & dress, attempt to leave for a crafting party. Realize I'm not feeling well -- a little dizzy and a little hungry -- and that going out to lunch with the husband and two dear friends would be the smarter thing to do. Have lunch, come home, go to the Coffee Beanery to see if any of the Ravelry folk are there. Knit for a while, then depart for the craft party. Hang out with that group for an hour or so, return home to fetch Jebra, then leave for SEMGS. Hang out, talk with folk, knit, and eat way too much. Leave SEMGS and drive to work, because we accidentally some stuff there the day before. Jebra does some computer thing while I catch up on LJ. Leave work around midnight, come home and stuff a handful of felt fish with catmint. Watch our kitties become stoned. Fall into bed right around 2 a.m.

Sunday: Wake up early, drive to Milford for the Grapevine Brunch. Knit on the way there, talk and eat and shoot photos, get back in the car and zoom to the Fox Run Retirement Community for a Tuba Christmas-like event. Knit for a few hours. Drive over to ladyinfidel's to drop off stuff for the Dearborn Animal Shelter. Drive to a different part of Dearborn for yummy Arabic food. Drive to Farmington Hills to fetch yarn and wash cloths from Jean. Return home, finish knitting the scarf I started on the first, weave in my ends, and throw it and some other stuff into the washer. Watch some stuff on the DRV, and fall into bed after midnight.

Monday: Wake up early, go to work but leave early because Jebra has stage rehearsal. While he's out, I strip the bed, start the wash, and fold and put away stacks and stacks of t-shirts. And make this scrapbook page.

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