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Drinking from the Fire Hose
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Date: 2010-11-03 19:12
Subject: Drive-by Update
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Friday morning I went to the dentist and had my bite guard adjusted. Now that I'm not grinding my teeth at night, my mouth has finally stopped hurting.

Friday night we went over to Jean & Marshall's for dinner. We ate and hung out and it was all good.

My Saturday began with Nia. In the afternoon I went to the 2nd Ravelry gathering at the Coffee Beanery. This time there were six of us and we stayed for two hours talking and knitting and getting to know one another. I'll have to miss the next gathering, but I hope to make the one after it.

Saturday night we went to pre-Halloween party. I spent the party knitting rather than carving pumpkins but had a good time nevertheless.

Sunday was the FCB's Halloween concert. The music was excellent (and we recorded the concert), but my photos were, for the most part, a failure. I scrapped the best of them on the page below.

Monday was the typical mixture of work & band practice for Jebra, and work & knitting & laundry for me. I finished the scarf I cast on Friday and am quite delighted with how well it turned out.

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