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Don't ask me how my day is going

You can tell it's going to be a rough day when:
  • You get up two hours earlier than usual

  • You're so tired that you forget that your spouse isn't with you and you turn on the house alarm

  • You realize the error but aren't awake enough to remember how to cancel the alarm

  • The alarm goes off and you can't get your fingers to cooperate long enough to punch in the code to turn the damn thing off

  • You get in the car and turn on the radio, only to have it randomly change channels.

  • You get where you're going and have to sit in the waiting room for who-knows-how-long. Being prepared for this, you bring an electronic book with you -- only to have it crash the OS.

  • The phlebotomist has trouble finding a vein (because you've been told not to eat or drink anything for the preceding twelve hours). When she finally does find one, the blood does little more than ooze out.

  • You return to your car via the main hospital building, anticipating breakfast in their cafeteria. The cafeteria is closed.


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