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Drive-by update

As usual, time has been speeding along and I'm behind on everything.

We took Friday off with the thought we'd sleep in and still get to Conclave 35 early. Our plan did not work as Jebra woke early and in great pain. Pain bad enough that he had me surfing the web for information about blood clots and what time our doctor's office opens. Which wasn't for another couple hours.

We arrived at the doctor's office shortly after they opened as a walk-in patient. Which meant we had to wait until they could squeeze him in. Two hours (and countless rows of knitting later), we were finally in front of the doctor. After some poking, prodding, and twisting, he decided that was was really needed was an x-ray of Jebra's back. And when that came back, so did the diagnosis of sciatica. The doctor gave him a muscle relaxant and anti-inflammatory medication, and after requesting and receiving flu vaccinations, we we off to the pharmacy. His prescription wouldn't be ready for another hour and half, so we went home, had some lunch, and packed for the con.

The con itself was small (I think it may be shrinking) and rather laid-back.

I went to two panels, one on photoshop which as a gimp girl was not terribly helpful but did serve to make me a teensy bit envious. Okay, maybe a bit more than teensy. Photoshop can do some amazing things and I really wish gimp had that amazing warp thing.

The other panel was the Bill & Barry show, which was both interesting and enjoyable. Bill talked about his summer vacation and showed off his newest gadget, one of those pens that make audio recordings and if you use it with the special paper, will show what was being said when the thing you wrote was being written. (See for more info on the pen.)

We stayed at the con until mid-afternoon on Sunday, then came to the office so that I could coat a few of my craft projects with acrylic sealant.

Then, finally, it was time to go home, unpack, do laundry, and see what (if anything) recorded while we were away. Once again I'm having trouble with our DVR. It's the same model as the one we had to replace because it refused to record and like that one, this one isn't following its programming. While we were gone the only thing it had recorded was L&O:UK on BBCA. And even then, it recorded two episodes of the three I knew had broadcast despite my having set it to record all.

Compared to L&O:SVU, the episode I've seen (which is the only one I've watched), the plots are brilliant. This one wasn't dramatically twisty-turny, it was realistic (imho), and in the end one was left with the feeling that justice system is an effective means of ensuring public safety. Unlike SVU, which lately seems to show law enforcement as helpless to prevent crime, ineffective in helping the victimized, and often the victimizer itself (I'm thinking specifically of Stabler's emotionally brutal interrogation of the eventually exonerated victim's parent and of the police office who forges transfer paperwork for someone in custody in order to assault the prisoner).

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