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Drive-by Update

Last week was work followed by knitting and making a pest out of myself with our new neighbor. She and her husband bought the HUD home across the street and one over from mine and having very little in the way of a budget, they're doing the repairs themselves. I had a feeling I was going to like her the first time I saw her -- she'd biked over to look at the house and was sitting on the front steps talking on her phone. I didn't talk to her that time, nor the time I saw her and her partner examining the house with their home inspector. I was hopeful they'd get the house as they were just too cute. I kept an eye on the house for the next couple of weeks, watching as the for sale sign disappeared, re-appeared, and then disappeared again. After the final disappearance I noticed the bike had returned and the front door was open, so I went over and introduced myself. And discovered my new neighbor (Sharon) is even more delightful than I'd previously imagined. She and her husband moved here from Denver; he's in the first year of his residency in orthopedic surgery. She's a costumer and I have a strong hunch she's one of those folks who can turn pigs ears into silk purses.

Saturday was the wedding reception for our friends backrubbear and dizzi-d. As I'd expect when those two are involved, the food was awesome and the company even more so. I met a number of folk for the first time and actually talked with them. This is somewhat amazing as I tend not to say much in social situations.

Sunday I slept in, re-read a bunch of Harry Potter fanfic, searched the web for a good knitting pattern for a child-sized hood cape (I saw one at the party and absolutely fell in love with it), and basically killed time until Jebra left the house and I could regain my position on the couch. He and mbumby went to Ann Arbor for a concert at the Ark; I stayed home and waited for Lewis to come on. While I waited, I watched tv and knit.

On Saturday, while I was at the party, I finished a pair of fingerless mittens and cast on for a matching beret. While waiting for Lewis, I worked on the beret and then took a break to look through the bags of yarn I inherited from Jean Sr. to see if I had any that matched a request for red and pink fingerless mittens. I found a nice pinky/purple acrylic that I think fits the bill and I cast on and stitched the first 15 rows of the first mitten. I think they'll be to her liking; if not I'll put them in the 2011 Moonridge Auction and try again. After I had the mittens off to a good start I went back to the beret. I understand the knitting part of the pattern quite well (this makes the 4th time I've knit it), but I'm still having trouble with grafting the edges together. This time I ended up with an extra seven or eight stitches on one side of the graft. That wasn't what annoyed me the most though -- I'd gotten it into my head that I wanted to felt the beret before going to bed. I wasn't sure how well it would felt, the yarn being 60% wool and 40% silk, but I figured it would felt some if I used enough hot water and enough agitation. I kneeded the snot out of that hat, in water hot enough to hurt, and it hardly felted at all. This was a good thing as I wanted it to shrink a size or two and if it shrank anything at all it wasn't noticeable. I checked it this morning and saw that it was still quite wet and the same size at it was last night. Darn.

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