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Computer woes - Drinking from the Fire Hose — LiveJournal
and trying not to drown

Date: 2006-02-17 20:59
Subject: Computer woes
Security: Public
My laptop isn't working, so I'm typing this on the spouse's. Only the font is so small I can't see what I'm typing.

As irritating as being without my laptop is, it could be a lot worse. My mom's farm is without power and has been for the past two days. Actually, much of the entire area is without power -- they had a severe ice storm and lines are down all over. We had a thunderstorm last night, but fortunately freezing temperatures didn't return until today.
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Ursula4x: Abinogee cute
User: ursula4x
Date: 2006-02-18 04:47 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Keyword:Abinogee cute
But you still spelled everything right!
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User: lorelei633
Date: 2006-02-18 23:29 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Keyword:erin_see_icons/krycek is hot
Yikes! I hope your Mom is staying warm tonight and that you get your laptop back soon!
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