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Life, lately

I can't remember when I last made a "real" post (and I'm too lazy to go and look). So, what have I been up to lately? The first thing that comes to mind is "fighting with my knitting." I finished a scarf for a friend and ran it through the wash, only to discover I'd dropped some number of stitches and there were now some significant runs in the fabric. I unraveled the entire thing and started over. I managed to knit three rows before becoming frustrated and changing projects. Naturally, the new project called for the circular needles I was using for the scarf, so I frogged it and set the yarn aside. I started a shawl, miscounted, frogged the entire thing, started over, got about twelve inches and discovered my count was off for the third time (the second time mbumby found and corrected the problem). I concluded I didn't know what the heck I was doing (so much for the so-called simple triangular shawl) and frogged it again, changed to straight needles, and went back to knitting scarves.

I have, on the other hand, published my very first pattern. For the tiny Jayne hats I've been knitting with my left-over Jayne Hat-colored yarns.

Pattern here

I can knit an adult-sized Jayne Hat in about five hours. The tiny ones take about a hour, probably a little less as I can finish one in the time it takes to watch two episodes of Batman and we usually fast-forward through the commercials.

Since my last big post we've been to South Bend, Indiana and back. The Jazz Festival was good but I was in a strange mood the entire trip and spent more time knitting and riding around on the Handicap transport with Jebra than I did listening to bands. I didn't take many photos either, not until I was asked by one of the volunteers to take photos of the other volunteers at work. I still haven't sorted through them nor pushed any up to the web.

I do have one story from the festival though. Saturday morning, when we were near one of the venues on the main drag, one of the musicians playing thought he smelled something getting hot. He checked his equipment and it was fine, then looked and saw great clouds of smoke billowing into the sky about six blocks away. He called 911 and was told "No one else has reported a fire." His reply? "I'm reporting it now!" A short while later a fire engine roared across the closed-for-the-festival main street and rushed to the fire. We watched from a distance and eventually the fire was extinguished. We knew from the location it was in a residential area; the rumor mill kicked into gear as someone speculated that a crack-making operation had sparked the fire. The reality was even stupider. Some idiot tried to clean his oven with gasoline. Sadly, the fire burnt down not just his place, but the entire apartment building.

Meanwhile, we've been coping with a broken clothes dryer. Air-drying everything was fine for a few weeks but I've had more than enough. We went to Sears to buy a new machine on Monday, but ran into some friends who were there shopping for a freezer and who told us about their experience with a local repair service. We decided to give that company a go before plunking down money on a new appliance. The repair guy is supposed to come out this afternoon to take a look. I hope he has more luck than the Sears service guy did. And I really hope I don't have to buy a new dryer. Ours lasted 22 years and after looking at the newest models, I'm not convinced the new ones are made nearly as well.

Speaking of repairs, we took our bikes to a new shop to have the tires and tubes replaced. We've been on two or three rides since then. I thought about going out last night after work but it was so hot I thought I'd wait until the sun started to go down. What I didn't expect was to fall asleep while catching up on email. The sun was almost all the way down by the time I woke so I didn't go. Maybe I'll have better luck tonight.

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