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Drive-by update

Arthritis in my hands has slowed down my knitting. I haven't so much as touched my needles since Friday. Although now that I think on it, that isn't an accurate statement as I had to handle my 9" DPNs when I slid them into their new home.

I had the outer fabric but no lining, so I went fabric shopping on Saturday and sewed the new needle roll on Sunday.

We'd hoped to spend the weekend cleaning out the pond, but the weather did not cooperate. Cleaning the pond is not much fun and being cold and wet makes it a miserable experience, so we put it off and worked on indoor stuff. If it warms up and stops raining, we'll clean the pond this coming weekend. If it doesn't, we may have to skip going to the East Lansing Art Fair the following weekend.

If you know someone who likes fingerless mittens and want to buy a pair (for yourself or as a gift), I've put a pair up at
save_liz (here).

The only other bit of news I can think of (besides marking the passing of hollyilex), is that I have a doctor's appointment this evening. I've run out all my prescribed medicines and I haven't been in for a year, so this is (hopefully) just routine.
Tags: craft, knitting, rl, scrapbooking

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