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Drive-by update

Penguicon was last weekend. I went and I had fun, although if I had access to StarTrekian transporter systems, I'd have spent part of the weekend in NY for Godfather IV.

The friday of Penguicon was also a red letter day for me -- my first experience with Sonic. I'm smitten with their lime slushies. YummmMMM!

Today was another first -- I purchased an mp3 for my phone via my phone. I also managed to figure out how to make it play. I expect younger folks find this sort of thing easy, but lately I've been thinking there are an awful lot of things in the world I don't understand. I also wonder if I should have tried harder to explain things to Jebra's grandmother, who was pretty much lost when t came to computers and mobile devices. Although I expect that she, like me, didn't really care as long as she could do everything she wanted to do.

In knitting news, stashed under my desk are a stack of small knit blankets for the animal shelter and 27 Jayne Hats for the California Browncoats. Since I've already sent a half-dozen hats to the Austin Browncoats, this means I've knit 31 Jayne hats this year and am more than half-way to my goal of 52 hats. Meanwhile, my knitting energies have shifted to the fingerless mittens I'm making for one of my sisters. Her birthday is coming up quick and the mittens are taking longer than I'd hoped. I'm using a non-stretchy cotton/hemp blend yarn and size 2 DPNs.

I've also made progress on getting stuff out of the house with the help of Freecycle. My old PDAs have found new homes as has a travel alarm clock/calculator I didn't even know I owned until I found it in my office during the search for my old Palm IIIc.
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