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Drive-by update (with related scrapbook page)

I've been busy with knitting and crochet, having finished two Jayne Hats and seven kitty blankets for the shelter in the past ten days or so. I've also been getting better about posting stuff up to freecycle. My goal is to post a new item as soon as the previous item is picked up, but so far I've managed to do that exactly once. If the item is mechanical, I want to test that it still works before posting it, and if it has accessories or an instruction manual or whatever, I put off posting until I've located everything that should go with it. I've also been watching new episodes of both of the Hoarding shows. Yesterday's had an acronym I rather liked "SICK" -- Sensitive Intelligent Creative and Kind. Creative certainly fits in my case -- I have a hard time parting with nice stuff -- meaning stuff that is unbroken and clean and that I could repurpose or use as an ingredient in something else. Like plastic trash bags -- those I save for the shelter, but I can think of lots of other things I could do with them without even having to think hard: cut into loops, string together, and knit, crochet, or weave them into something new, or I could layer them and iron to fuse the layers, turning them into sheets of plastic fabric which I could then use to make raincoats, bags, tablecloths, or other stuff. This sort of thing is why I was so happy when a fellow freecycler said he wants my sole-less sheepskin slippers. The hide is in great shape and could be used for all manner of craft projects -- which is why I couldn't just throw them out -- but I know the odds of me actually doing something with it are quite low.

Last week Farmington had their annual Festival of the Arts. The FCB performance was on Saturday and we had to be there bright and early for Jebra to get the band's gear set up. Being my lazy self, I took off and explored the art show and gabbed with a handful of the artists who worked the festival. I was particularly enamored with the weaver -- she produces some absolutely gorgeous fabric and with the woman from the needlework guild. She's doing something called "stumpwork" which sounds ugly but isn't.

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