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Drive-by update

Friday we left work early and went to the dentist. Mine went well (no new cavities). Jebra wasn't quite as lucky -- he lost part of an old filling and needed to have it replaced.

Afterwards I'd wanted to go to the zoo, but the were about a billion children there to see the easter bunnies and go on an egg hunt. We could tell this by the number of cars parked along the service drive and filling the over-flow parking lot we hadn't even known the zoo had. So instead of going to the zoo, I had Jebra take me to the yarn store. I'm planning to make my sister a pair of fingerless mittens. She's allergic to wool, so I couldn't just pull something out of my stash. I found two pretty yarns that are 100% plant fiber and bought them.

We then went home and went for a walk around the neighborhood. After our walk, we went out to dinner and then down to the Redford Theatre to see Spartacus. Which was good, but long. And I mean long -- three hours plus intermission and a half-hour of theater organ before it all began. Not to mention a few folks from Legion XXIV -- a re-enactment unit for the Roman Legion (I had no idea there even was such a thing). Nice folks though and I had a nice talk with them about fibers -- wool, hemp, and linen.

We didn't get home from the Redford until well after midnight, then stayed up for another few hours catching up on email and whatever. When I was completely exhausted and getting ready for bed, Hamish, our already neurotic cat, managed to get his head stuck through one of the handles of the paper bag that had my newly purchased yarn. I think he thought something evil had grabbed him by the neck, as he went tearing through the house in an effort to escape. I didn't know what was going on at first; I was in the basement on my way to brush my teeth when I heard what sounded like a group of four or five vandals doing their best to destroy the contents of our home. A few seconds later the cat came flying down the stairs with half the paper bag extended over his back like his own version of superman's cape. Hamish was moving much too quickly for me to grab him and I could not get him to come to me. Nor could I find him once he'd ran a circuit around the basement and disappeared. By this time I was nearly dizzy with fatigue and decided there was nothing to do but go upstairs and see how much damage had been done. When I got up there I was surprised to find all of the furniture still standing. I had to hunt for the now missing balls of yarn, finding one in the living room, two in the hall, and one in my home office.

The next morning Hamish was even more skittish and refused to come upstairs on his own. Fortunately he was no longer hiding, so I found him and carried him up to the couch and cuddled him for a while.

In the afternoon we went to Dearborn for SEMGS. I brought my knitting and began knitting a modified version of what seems to be my favorite fingerless mitten pattern. I had 118 meters of yarn to play with and wasn't sure that would be enough. After a while I went outside to keep David company as he put his new smoker together. Two other people came out too, and they discussed former co-workers at the bars they used to work or hang out and what those folks are doing these days. When I got cold, I went back inside.

We stayed until a little past 8 p.m. then went home.

Sunday was Easter Dinner with our friends Jean & Marshall (and their son Ian) and our mutual friends Fred, mbumby, and traveller42. Dinner was excellent, but knowing what an amazing cook Jean is, this was no surprise. We had ham, and some tomato-onion-okra thing, garlic mashed potatoes, greek bread, a pear-parmesan-fennel salad, cooked greens, oh, and lamb, but I don't eat lamb so I skipped that one. And some really sweet custard or walnut thing. I have no idea what it was, but it was constructed with philo dough and then drenched with honey.
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