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Drive-by Non-chronological Update

A week ago tomorrow I turned 50. I celebrated by spending the day at work, then coming home to a dinner of baked beans and Irish soda bread, both made by my dear spouse. I'd been craving baked beans since Lamardeuse mentioned them a while back.

Over the weekend I fought my head cold into submission. At least I hope I have. I wasn't feeling any too great when I woke up this morning but that may have had more to do with staying up too late dealing with The Night of Laundry Disaster. As disasters go, these were mild -- twice I encountered user error while transferring newly washed pillow cases from the washer to the dryer, handily dropping them onto the very dusty bottles of laundry detergents located between the two machines. This meant that rather than wash two loads of laundry, I ended up washing four.

Sunday the FCB played in the Motor City Festival of Bands. Being equipment manager for the FCB, Jebra wanted to be there early. Having one car means I arrived many hours earlier than strictly necessary, but I had both a book and my knitting with me. This morning I wrapped up my, um, 23rd Jayne Hat for the year. I'm trying for 52 -- one per week. While waiting I worked a little on the latest Jayne Hat, but I try to work on the hats only when I'm in the car. That being the case, I had another more fiddly project with me -- a pair of fingerless mittens. The yarn is gorgeous and I can hardly wait to show them off.

The concert was good and I was thrilled at how many people were in the audience. Afterwards we (meaning Jebra and myself) went out to a late lunch/early dinner with a friend and a bandmate. We were in Dearborn and I had a craving for Arabic food, so that was convenient. (Dearborn has the largest concentration of Arabs in the USA.)

Last night, in between dealing with the laundry disaster, I made ten felt cat toys and stuffed them with my home-grown catmint. The toys are for the Michigan Humane Society, but I gave our lads one sprig to share and they got stoned to the point where they got the munchies. They were funny to watch as they romped around the house with their eyes blown wide.

Tonight we're going to the library to return a handful of recorded books and then to Costco for miscellaneous groceries and household items. I may even attempt another load of laundry -- if I'm feeling brave.
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