February 20th, 2020

8-pointed Star

Quick update

I survived my first yoga lesson with Laura. The lesson ran for about an hour and we did stuff. What we did I can't tell you because my memory for such things is awful. I remember Cat/Cow (although I don't know which one is supposed to the inhale and which the exhale), we did a weird thing involving fingers and the forehead and ear flaps that is called Bee, and some meditation and quite a few stretches, none of which I can name. Nor do on my own. It will take a *long* time for the lessons to sink in. Back when I was dancing Nia, I'd been going for years and never got to the point I could duplicate a routine without someone telling me what to do.

On the good side, I actually slept all the way through the night! And I wasn't any more sore than usual this morning, perhaps even a tiny bit less sore.

What with yoga and biking (I did an hour after dinner), I didn't have any time to play with string. But I had hauled the current batch of cat beds to work to photograph for my records:

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