January 1st, 2020

8-pointed Star

Last thing that didn't automatically crosspost from DreamWidth (Year End Stats)

Birthday cards:                              63
Pages scrapped just for fun:                 70 (including Project 52)
High resolution (3600x3600) scrapbook pages:  0

Knitting & Crochet Projects Finished:       
   Entries in Ravelry:                27
   Jayne Hats:                         0
   Non-Jayne Hats:                     8 Adult, 7 baby 
   Scarves and cowls:                  2
   Fingerless gloves                   1 pair (and working on another)
   Shawls:                             0 (although there are 2 still on the needles from 2013)
   Washcloths:                        14
   Sweaters:                           0 (Maybe in 2020 I will get around to making one)
   Cat Beds:                         146
   Artificial birds nests              6

Days of work missed due to illness:    0

Days spent trying to clean off my desk at work:  All of them.  

Number of days work desk was clean:    0

Mostly commonly uttered phrase:        No particular words or phrases, but dismay regarding politics and climate change

Stories beta read:                     0 (Sadly.)

Highest Ingress Level Attained:        15 before Recursion, Level 8 currently

Longest Hacking Streak in Ingress:     1665 days (as of 14:44 on December 30th, 2019)

Exercise:                              Biking 4 out of of every 5 days (7 of 7 being most common)
                                       Still annoyed at how much time exercise takes.

Weight Gained or Lost:	               Lost, but again not nearly enough to get me off Metformin.