August 22nd, 2019

8-pointed Star

Somewhat annoyed at my mom

Called my mom either yesterday or the day before and left her voicemail. Told her there was nothing urgent with me and that I was just checking up on her. No call back, which neither surprised nor annoyed me.

Called again a few moments ago. She's in the hospital getting an infusion and couldn't talk. I have no idea why she's getting an infusion or what sort of infusion it is. That's what has me cranky.

I wonder if it is IV antibiotics. Hopefully that and not some sort of chemotherapy. As far as I know, she is cancer free. Like me, she's never been sure if she actually had cancer or if her doctors feared she was heading that way and that's why the kept ordering new tests.

(It was leukemia in my case and whatever was wrong went away on its own.)

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