November 24th, 2015

8-pointed Star

Oh google translate, you are too good to me

So, there I was on pinterest, goofing off and looking at yarn porn gorgeous shawls knit by better knitters than myself. I saw a nice collection of ways to work the center spine but the explanatory text was in Russian. At least I think it's Russian. Google translate gave me:

. 1. This position is likely to be useful for beginners shalemankam and mischievous. But if and experienced minx will find it interesting, I'll be glad. Just want to say that not discover America, art walk on the network. Somewhere I spied somewhere once seen in the scheme. For what it had not been lost, he decided to assemble the collection all their achievements on the main loop, its variations and provyazyvaniya.

I think I may be a mischievous knitter rather than an experienced minx. The translation of the stitches was even worse, for example, "Three of the audio. This makes a loop where it is not necessary to select, ie drawing should look practically separated."

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