May 22nd, 2014

8-pointed Star

Correction Re My Niece's Ex-Husband's COD

The visitation for my niece's ex-husband took place this evening. jebra and I left work an hour early and drove to Ionia for the visitation. Besides offering our support and condolences to the family, I was hoping to get the full story on what killed him. The later part didn't happen and the short answer is "no one knows." My mom says the hospital ran a tox report and there were no traces of any drugs in his system at the time of his death. Some people seem to think he had an enlarged heart and that's what killed him, or that he suffered some sort of aneurysm. I hope there was an autopsy but my mom says his body was delivered to the funeral home very soon after his death and doubts there was enough time to have had one performed. So it may remain a mystery forever.

My niece is holding up better then I'd expect and far better than I would in the same circumstance. A ton of folks came out for the visitation, family, childhood friends, and friends from his service with the Marine Corps. Melanie did a great job creating photo displays for her ex-husband and it was easy to see he loved to laugh and that his friends and family were extremely important to him. And that he adored his little girl. One thing I didn't know is that Brandon also had artistic talent. Three of his works were displayed; two paintings and a poster-sized pencil drawing. I really wish I'd known him better.

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