February 6th, 2013

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Drive-by Update

Three weekends ago was ConFusion. We went, it was fun, and that's pretty much all I remember about it. I have no clue what we did the following weekend. Last weekend was KnitMichigan followed by SMEGS followed by sleeping in and then lots of laundry.

At work, I spent all of January trying to clean off my desk. Today I saw the surface of the left hand side of my desk for the first time since August. Not that it was still bare by the time I left today, but the piles of paperwork are significantly shorter than they were on Monday.

Evenings I've spent watching crap television and knitting or crocheting. It isn't too surprising that I'm up to 218 projects on Ravelry. I'm not watching any of the new(ish) shows, at least not the fictional kind. I've seen four episodes of Staten Island Law (which I love), and a few eps of the new season of Hoarders. I've also discovered ME and have been re-watching The Saint and Burke's Law, and the new-to-me Honey West.

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Thinking about gun control

I have *very* mixed emotions about gun control. Do I own a gun? Not any more. Did I feel safer when I had one? No, not at all. I never carried it, which meant that unless I was home in my own bedroom there would be zero chance of having it on hand if it was needed. And there were quite a few people knew I owned a handgun and also knew where it was kept it. I think I was more worried it would be stolen than I was about stranger danger or whatever.

As it turns out, owning that particular gun made me less safe -- when I took it in for inspection I discovered it was very poorly made. The officer labeled it "a cheap knock-off Mexican Saturday Night Special" and said the odds were 50/50 as to whether a bullet would exit the muzzle or the barrel would explode in my hand when the trigger was pulled. I signed it over for destruction and never regretted doing so.

Anyway, today Leslie Fish posted this on her blog. What she says makes sense, but I'm still up on the fence. Too many nuts have guns and too many good people are killed by gun violence every day.

If any of you read what Leslie Fish wrote, I'd love to hear what you think.

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