October 5th, 2012

8-pointed Star

Drive-by Update

I'm still not caught up from having gone on vacation. I did, however, manage to read and then recycle the last of the Chicago Tribunes that came home with me today. We won't, however, discuss the state of my main mailbox. Even after dropping half of my groups and updating my email filters to remove the stuff that's coming in from the various businesses/charities/political & environmental groups with whom I have relationships, stuff is still coming in faster than I can read it.

Tonight I'm home and watching Monsters Inside Me. I haven't watched this show for a long time and I completely forgot how much it makes my stomach churn. The infections are fascinating but I find it really difficult to watch.

Which reminds me, tomorrow the new season of Pit Bulls and Parolees begins airing. I thought this was a summer show and that it'd either been canceled or I'd miss it this year, but apparently not. I set the DVR to record the new season. I know I won't be home tomorrow night as the first Saturday in October is apparently the perfect day to host a party. We were invited to five of them; but intend to stop in at only three. First up is my knitting group, then in the afternoon we'll be in Ann Arbor for a meeting of the Southeast Michigan Gluttony Society, then in the evening to a bonfire with another group of friends.

Sunday I shall fall over.

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