September 11th, 2012

8-pointed Star

Still not caught up from having taken a vacation

The subject line pretty much nails it. I was gone for seven days. I've been back for seven days and, as I am about three days behind at this point, I despair of ever getting caught up. And I'm speaking only of LJ & DW. My main personal mailbox is up to 7416 messages and I expect there'll be an addition 50 or so by the time I get home tonight.

Worldcon was fun and I was surprised by the number of folk I recognized. Not that I know their names. I suck at names.

On the train to Chicago I cast on for my very first pair of knit socks and knit for the majority of the ride, plus time at the convention and again on the ride home. I didn't finish them until this morning. They turned out okay but I am less than pleased with the pattern. I used Cat Bordhi's personal footprint pattern, which is unusual in that you have to use lifelines and snip a stitch in order to open the foot of the sock and begin stitching the leg. That part made me nervous but worked out successfully. What I don't like is the sock's heel; it just doesn't look right.

If there's other newish news, I can't think of what it might be. Which means it's time for me to stop this and go back to entering accounting data.

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