June 28th, 2012

8-pointed Star

Drive-by update

Well, it's been a busy few weeks. After nearly ten years of being a Dish subscriber, I had enough and switched to WOW. The switch has been far from seamless. The installer discovered he couldn't reach the easement thanks to our overgrown Elderberry bushes and the self-seeded mulberry tree that was growing into cable lines. The installer needed us to clear a path, so installation was delayed for a week.

We cleared a path for the installation guy, which is when I tore up the skin on my ribs. Fortunately I was mostly better the following Friday, which is when I got to haul the trash and yard waste to the curb. I got to do it because jebra was away at Anthrocon. I was both annoyed and amused with his absence. Most weeks we put out one or both recycling bins and *maybe* one bag of trash. Instead, this is what I got to haul to the street:

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After jebra returned, so did the cable installer. Which is when we discovered our semi-new Vizio tv does not like WOW, or perhaps that should be WOW without a DVR. I ordered basic service, which does not require a DVR, but I already regret that choice. Pushing the channel up (or down) button 200 times to get from the first channel to the one I want to watch is a drag. I've called the installer to order a DVR, but so far it's the up button for me. And don't even get me started on how much I miss the pause button. I had not idea how addicted I am to that thing until I no longer had one.

Not that I've had much time to miss it. I'm at work during the day, and I've stayed late to work on a few personal projects, such as sewing bags for my electronic devices. Add in the usual routine of laundry on Monday, dance class on Tuesday, and grocery shopping on Wednesday, and well, the weeks practically over. We weren't home last weekend either, as we were in Elkhart for the Jazz Festival. For me, the best part was not the music but the opportunity to see my friends on the Production Staff. I spent pretty much the entire long weekend (we took Friday afternoon off from work) hanging out in the Production Office. I had my Kindle, my netbook, and my knitting.

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So, other than yesterday's tale of the visit to the nutritionist, that's what's been going on with me.

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