June 27th, 2012

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Feeling uneasy

I went to my doctor's office this morning to meet with the nutritionist as this was something my doctor wanted me to do now that I'm officially diabetic. As I expected, the meeting was mostly a waste of time. I don't cook (not even to the extent of chopping up fresh vegetables to transform them into snack foods), I won't eat highly processed foods, artificial sweeteners, and with the exception of bananas, grapes, and raisins, I rarely eat fruit. The major thing I came away with was "eat less at all meals." Also I'm supposed to keep my blood sugar within a certain range, however my diabetes is not advanced enough to warrant being prescribed a glucose meter so I can either borrow my husband's meter and test strips to see how I'm doing, or I can guess and rely on quarterly blood draws and the A1C1.

Also while at the doctor's office, I noticed a display for a book written by the founder of the practice: The Re-United States of America: The Common Sense Guide for Defending America in the Age of Terror. Now I'm wondering if his political stance is at all compatible with my own and if I'll need to find a new doctor for moral reasons. If any of you have read the book and have an opinion, let me know.

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Are my new Lewis Mood icons working?

(Answer: No.)

ETA: Anyone have any idea as to why? I created the new theme and edited each link for each image, but when I go back to check on them, nothing is visible. The URL for the images is outside of Dreamwidth -- is that the problem? I'm pretty sure I did not have this problem on Livejournal (but I post from DW). And importing content did not automagically recreate the theme on DW. [personal profile] enednoviel, any ideas?

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