June 13th, 2011

8-pointed Star

Drive-by update

Saturday morning I got up, ate breakfast, changed clothes and went to Nia. Afterwards it was home for a well deserved shower and then camped out on the couch watching shows about cats on Animal Planet for a couple of hours. Then it was off to the Dearborn Animal Shelter to deliver the boxes and bags of stuff for them that were filling our kitchen. Well, maybe not the entire kitchen, but they did make accessing the kitchen table impossible.

After dropping off the donations Jebra and I went to Greenfield Village to ride the train. We made one full lap around the property then stayed aboard to the next station. From there we went to one of the farmhouses so that I could investigate their garden. I was curious if the garden was the actual size it was back in the day, or if it had been modified. Turns out it is half the size it was. Not that I'd want to keep it weeded; even half size that's a whole lot of work.

On the train trip around the village we saw a mama deer with two fawns drinking from the river and, farther down, a heron.

Leaving Greenfield Village we went over to the Arabic grocery and deli I love (New Yasmine) for a spot of lunch, then to Shatilla for baklava for Sunday's graduation party.

Sunday morning we hit the road early and drove to Lansing for Kayleigh's high school graduation party. I was hoping for better turn out from the Grapevine crowd but once it again it was the same three families (the same three as attended the Grapevine Brunch a few weeks ago).

While I was at the party I finished the scarf I was working on, so we stopped at Walmart on the drive home and I bought more yarn. I have tons of yarn at home so this wasn't exactly smart. On the other hand, it helped me stay awake during the trip and I really like the pattern. Here's Lion Brand Yarn's photo of it:

For the knitters among you, the pattern is: here, but you have to be a registered user to see the darn thing.

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