April 27th, 2011

8-pointed Star

Butt-naked at work AGAIN

Good lord, why me?

Yesterday, while changing clothes before dance class, I thought here I am, topless at work again. I figured that'd be it for the week, but nooooooo.
This morning I was in the women's washroom, preparing to use some toilet paper when my feet slid out from under me. The roof above the washroom has been leaking and this morning, although the floor looked dry, it wasn't. Now I'm a big girl and have lots of padding, so landing flat on my ass didn't hurt. It did, however, ruin my underwear. Funnily enough, just yesterday I bought a new package of Hi-Cut cotton briefs (Hanes, of course) and knew that Jebra had missed that bag when he unloaded our other purchases. So there was nothing for it but to go commando and make a quick trip out to the car.

So again, I ask, why me?

(And before someone asks, I *did* put my jeans back on before heading outdoors.)

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