February 4th, 2011

8-pointed Star

This week's SVU

Major thought: Cragen has lost control of his unit. Stabler is ill-suited for command. Benson bends too many rules and, lately, lets her emotions overrule her brain.

Second thought: I believe Munch speaks French (Richard Belzer certainly does) and I think I remember something about Munch being on the French version of L&O. Rather than speak with the originally identified victim, Munch creates a fictitious facebook-like identity and uses it to exchange text messages with her. When other victims see their messages and start coming forward, I was surprised that the new folks were automatically believed; speaking for myself, I wondered if some of them were stepping forward not because they were victimized, but because they thought there would be a financial benefit to claiming victimization from this particular bad guy.

Last thought: I found following the episode difficult to follow, even though I was pretty darn sure the rich guy was a creep right from the get go.

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