January 16th, 2011

8-pointed Star


I just spent two and a half hours sorting through photos I took last July, trying to pick out the best of the lot. Jebra had asked me to take lots of pictures of the FCB Big Band and I complied, to the tune of 365 photographs. This isn't an easy task; it pits my hoarding tendencies against the librarian archivist in me. Plus with my memory the way it is, I can't hold all the images in my mind long enough to recall if a particular take is the best or if one that will appear dozens of photos later is the better take.

At this point there are 35 images in the keep pile, but I'm about to take off to help a friend sort through stuff at her late mother's house. I hope this is easier. Then again, having known her mom and her mom's taste in stuff, maybe not.

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