September 3rd, 2010

8-pointed Star

A somewhat longer than usual update

It's Labor Day weekend and I'm now home and on my corner of the couch. I don't have any big plans -- I might weed if I feel like going out and playing in the dirt, or I may stay inside and tackle one or two of the piles of who-knows-what that exist in almost every room in the house.

Jean (Senior's) wake was last Saturday and helping Jean (Junior) get ready for it wore me out. I'm used to working a desk job, so two days of physical labor was, well, tiring. I wasn't particularly sore from all the raking and scrubbing, but I was more sleep-deprived than usual as we not only worked late on Thursday and Friday, I stayed up half the night doing laundry.

Sunday we slept in some, but ended up spending the afternoon and evening helping to clean Jean (Junior's) kitchen and then help Marshall load some of Jean (Senior's) furniture so that he can move it to his apartment.

The work week was generally uneventful, except for glitch with billing that resulted in spurious past due notices. The problem was resolved soon after it was discovered, but I was stressed out by the whole thing.

Today when I walked out to the mailbox I heard an unusual sound that I first attributed to near-by construction. I listened a little harder and remembered that another of Jebra's eBay purchases had arrived. This time it was a drum set, purchased on behalf of one of our co-workers. And she'd come in work with him. I grabbed my camera and headed to the back of the building...

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