August 27th, 2010

8-pointed Star

Drive-by update

I feel surprisingly good this morning. Surprising because I was up way too late and desk-jockey me spent the evening in physical labor. Jean's getting the house and yard ready for Saturday's open house and we came over to help. Someone had mowed the lawn (probably Jean or Ian, but I could be wrong) and we had cut grass to rake into piles and redistributed into the woods. And lots of sticks and cut lumber to move from the lawn to behind the building that will, hopefully, someday be an enormous woodshed but that is currently the bare frame of the building.

In our moving of plywood and planks, Ian (Jean's son) spotted two garter snakes. He grabbed one and I grabbed the other, and we took them to show Jean. The snakes were not pleased by this and did their best to escape. Ian think I had the male as it tried to bite me. But I was wearing Marshall's gloves which are large on me and all he got was a jaw-full of leather. They were pretty snakes and I'd wished my camera wasn't in the trunk of the car. Then again, we we working as fast as we could before we lost light and we really didn't have the time to spare.

Later, as we made our way down their wonderfully forested driveway, we saw a bunny. And Jebra told me he's seen three deer earlier, when he'd gone to the car to put some of his equipment away.

Lastly, the full moon last night was spectacular. I just wish I'd seen it when it was lower in the sky as I love it when the looks enormous.

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