August 15th, 2010

8-pointed Star

Hello from Ionia

I'm at my mom's; Jebra's on his way back to the Great Lakes Folk Festival. We (meaning my mom and I) will join him there after she's done counting the collection plate at her church. Meanwhile, I'm catching up on DW and LJ.

So far it's been a very good weekend. We saw Jebra's sister and parents at the Folk Festival yesterday, left the festival to visit my mom's sister in the nursing home, did a wee bit of wedding gift shopping, and then had dinner with Jebra's folks and two of their friends. Then it was off to see Grandma Davis who, at 102 years of age, is sharp as a tack and doesn't look a day over 85. She's really quite amazing. Then it was off to the store to pick up kitty litter for my brother Rob's kitteh and then to his house to see him and his girlfriend before they leave for South Carolina. I thought leaving for SC late at night was kinda nuts, but he doesn't have AC in his truck and said he wouldn't be able to hack it during the daylight.

Ma's home from church, so time for me to hit send and catch y'all later.

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