June 4th, 2010

8-pointed Star

Holy Cats!

I use facebook to spy upon my family. You, my beloved flisties, know me so much better than my blood and adopted-into families.

But anyway, so there I was logged into facebook for the express purpose of poking a friend to check LJ (I think she spends more time on fb than lj; don't get it myself) when I discovered that my nephew, the one with two toddlers by two different women, has gone and married a third. (Oh, and last I heard, one of the previous GFs is living with his parents.)

I'd say who needs a soap opera with this going on, but then I remembered the coworker who appears to be headed for a very nasty divorce (one rivaling my brother Brad's, and for those who have heard the story, that's saying something). Maybe I really should have Dish Network turned off. I'd save a fortune and scripted tv hasn't compared with the drama going on around here.
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8-pointed Star


I heard back from my nephew regarding his facebook announcement regarding his marital status. He wrote that his girlfriend made the post and that they aren't married. I'm relieved; he's way too immature for matrimony.