May 27th, 2010

8-pointed Star

A lazy summer afternoon style drive-by update

I'm at work, the boss is on vacation, and I'm listing to I don't know what because someone has music enabled on his or her blog and I have no clue which tab is making the music play. I seems to be a loop of three songs, all sort of country rock. No clue who the artists are, but they're agreeing with me fairly well.

Anyway, it's be a week and it's not over yet. Last weekend we cleaned out our pond. Which looked good when I last saw it but I didn't sound right and I turned off the pump. With a tiny bit of luck maybe the husband can check it out tonight.

Sunday, after our labors in the yard, I ran a few loads of laundry. Which would not have been remarkable if the dryer had not failed on the penultimate load. It took me until today to set up an appointment with the repair service. Our washer and dryer will be 20 years old come July and I was thinking about replacing them. Which is why I put off calling. Only two days later the car broke and now I'm worried about how much that's going to cost.

This afternoon we dropped the car off at the repair place but they're backed up and don't think they'll be able to look at it before tomorrow. Good thing we borrowed the boss' car while he's out of town or we'd have to rent something.

Meanwhile, the blasted cottonwoods are happily doing their thing. And it isn't even June yet. It really feels like summer out there, flowers everywhere, cottonwood fluff floating through the air, and me wishing I'd worn shorts to work. And being thankful for allergy meds or I'm sure I'd have *way* more to complain about than itchy eyes.
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