April 18th, 2010

8-pointed Star


We're on the go this weekend. At the moment, we're in Ionia. Later today we'll be in Novi.

Friday we worked almost a full day (we left what we thought was an hour early, only the line at UPS was enormous and I stood in for a good half hour waiting to ship a drive back to Seagate). We'd left work early because Jebra was asked to provide "extra percussive muscle" on the piece the (mumble) Philharmonic (mumble) Orchestra was performing that night.

I went with him and sat knit while the orchestra had their final rehersal and then half-watched/half-dozed listened to the actual performance. Which I enjoyed even though I'm not a big fan of classical music.

After the concert it was into the car to dash to Lansing, where we had a brief visit with Jebra's sister and dropped off her eBay score, then on to Ionia to see my mum. I'm a bad daughter -- this is the first visit we've had all year, and the first time we've seen her since November.

Mom's reccuperating from a broken foot so I helped by getting her whatever she wanted and by getting her caught up on laundry and dishes.

We're leaving early this morning for Novi and Barb's "Life Celebration" now that she's been declared cancer free.

After that we're heading home whereupon we shall comfort the kitties (who do not like spending weekends without us) and then collapse. Or catch up on LJ, DW, and whatever recorded on the DVR while we were away.
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