February 15th, 2010

8-pointed Star

Knitting (with question)

As I mentioned earlier, this was a good weekend for knitting. I brought my knitting with me to the FCB's Annual Valentine Dinner Dance, and took one of my table-mate's (and fellow knitter's) advice and tried knitting with two strands of yarn. Which is not to say two strands held together and knit as one (which I've done a ton of times before), but to pick between one of two color yarns held in my hand. I'm quite chuffed at how well the hat turned out, not to mention amazed at how easy it was.

For the hat knit with alternating rows of color, I let the yarn travel up the back rather than cut and weave in my ends with each color change. I was warned that this was not a good practice, but the hat appears to have turned out perfectly and I don't think it distort with wear. Am I wrong?

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