September 23rd, 2009

8-pointed Star

Garden Photos

A stranger sent me email asking for photos of native gardens to show to a boy scout considering planting a native garden as a part of his Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project. Just in case any of you care about native plants (particularly those native to Michigan), I posted three galleries of photos up on flickr.

Three photos of my wild backyard can be seen here:

Someone else in my subdivision is interested in native plants, as attested by these three photos of their front yard:

And lastly, a larger gallery containing photos of the Detroit Zoo's Demonstration Suburban Backyard and their Monarch Butterfly Garden:
8-pointed Star

Random thought of the day

I'm a huge fan of Dan Savage and his advice column. The new column came out today and, as usual, I saw Savage's photo and thought to myself Hey! He looks like a young version of Detective Munch! If this were a normal Wednesday, I would have become so engrossed by the questions I'd have forgotten all about Munch, but today's column was the closest thing to RPS I have ever encountered in a newspaper advice column (RPS=Real People Slash for those unfamiliar with the term), and I started wondering how I'd feel about a half-RPS crossover with John Munch and Dan Savage. I have mixed feelings about RPS, which is I doubt I could ever write one myself, and is also why I think of Munch as Munch rather than as Richard Belzer.

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It wasn't until I was driving home that the answer occurred to me: I'd be absolutely delighted to read a crossover featuring both Munch and Savage if Savage wrote it himself. Of course, if I'm being honest, I'd read any story (gen, slash, or half-RPS) featuring these two just to see where the author went with it.