July 29th, 2009

8-pointed Star

It's like having my own personal soap opera

Called my mom to get the latest and learned that, contrary to what I thought, my nephew did not graduate from high school this past June. He dropped out of school back in January. This also means he can't join the Army as he needs either a HS diploma or a GED to qualify. Mom says he's waffling between going to alternative High School this fall or studying for his GED. She also says that as it now stands, his math skills are so poor he wouldn't pass the math section of the GED, let along the military's entrance exam.

Mom also revealed that his baby's mother is taking him to court for child support.

Next I called my sister-in-law to congratulate her on her grandmahood and to RSVP for the baby shower for the pregnant GF. She told me that she knew the other girl was pregnant and was telling folks my nephew was the baby's father, so the baby's existence wasn't a complete surprise. But they hadn't been told anything directly and weren't convinced he really was the father. DNA analysis was performed and they found out last Friday that he is the baby's father.

I can hardly wait for the next thrilling installment. (rolls eyes)
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