July 6th, 2009

8-pointed Star

Well, it's progress I guess

Yesterday [info]jebra and I went in to the office to work on some of our personal projects. Computer stuff in [info]jebra's case, various craft projects in mine. I think [info]jebra got a few things knocked off his list, but I wasn't nearly as successful. Mostly, I fought with my sewing machine. I want to make a needle case for my circular knitting needles but heck if I could get my machine to sew a simple zig-zag, let alone button holes.

Today we stayed late so that I could continue work on my projects. I upgraded my DPN needle roll by adding a tie closure, ironed a stack of quilt pieces, and attempted to repair our comforter. The only problem with the comforter is that some of the top-stitching has come undone, but the comforter is so thick it barely fits under the presser foot and then when I tried to stitch, the quilt wouldn't advance. After the third time of having the thread jam, I gave up. I'm going to stitch it by hand some other day.

By the time I cleaned up my mess and was ready to leave, it was after 8:00. And I still wanted to stop at JoAnn Fabrics to take my sewing machine in for repair. We arrived ten minutes before the store closed -- only to learn that the folks who run the Viking Sewing Shop (located inside JoAnn Fabrics) had left already. The Viking center closes an hour earlier than the rest of the store. *sigh* We'll try again tomorrow.