June 6th, 2009

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From one extreme to another

We live and work in the suburbs of Detroit. Thursday, on my way out work, I noticed a very young fox skulking by the front door. We have (or possibly, had) a woodchuck living in the berm, and we've seen hawks hunting the birds who visit our bird-feeder, but I never expected to see anything as exotic as a wild fox.

Friday morning, on our way to the train station ([info]jebra is attending a U of C class reunion in Chicago this weekend and took the train), I noticed a couple standing in the nearly empty municipal parking lot lighting up a crack pipe.

*sigh* Collapse )
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stupidity (mine)

hello from my front porch where I stand as it is raining and I have locked my keys in the car. Jebra is in Chicago and none of the neighbors have a spare key. there is one in the garage but by the time I found it the neighbors would hate me due to our blaring alarm system. I already called the cops - but they won't do the slum jim thing. they do call a tow service and have (i hope) already done so. how crazy is it I can update lj but I can't get into my own house or car
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Back indoors

I'm inside my house. $55.00 poorer, but happy to be out of the rain.

Want to know how my keys got locked in the car? I think habit is the root cause. Normally, when I arrive home, I check that I'm on the driveway (and not parked on the neighbor's lawn), turn off the car, remove the keys from the ignition and immediately exit the car. Tonight what happened was that [info]jebra called me on my cell phone. I was four houses from home at the time and, since I don't talk on the phone when I'm driving, I let it ring. After I backed into our driveway and checked that I was really on the driveway, I turned off motor and pulled the keys out of the ignition. Then I wrestled my phone out of my bag and returned [info]jebra's call, not noticing that while digging for the phone I'd let go of the keys and that instead of falling into my pocket, they had slipped to the side and were now on the driver's seat.
Which I didn't notice until after I'd locked and closed the car door.

Habits. Bah.
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