May 30th, 2009

8-pointed Star

One of the best days I've had

Today was a really good day. I slept in. I found a box of marzipan stolen I'd completely forgotten about. I moved around a bunch of computer files and gave my laptop's hard drive a bit of breathing room. I finally went to (Bravo) for a fitting and came away with the best-fitting bra I've ever owned. After my fitting I went for a walk in downtown Royal Oak and stopped visit with the guy who runs Deco Doug and to see what's new in his shop. He has some of the most stunning Art Deco furnishings I've ever laid my eyes on, and that includes on film and on tv. I saw the cutest young gay couple walking the other way and they were so much in love with one another I just had to smile. [info]jebra was running errands while I was at my fitting; he picked me up and we went grocery shopping. Only on the way he spotted a short bus (a half-length school buses) that was painted like The A-Team's van and had the names Hannibal, Murdock, Face, and B.A. stenciled on the side. He stopped the car and I and took what will undoubtedly be crappy cellphone photos of it, but they're still on my phone and I don't know how to download them (not to mention my docking station lives at work, not at our house). Grocery shopping was successful in that we bought two big boxes of tea and three jars of Horlick's Malt Powder. After shopping we came home, I moved around more files, then it was off to [info]renniekins' house to celebrate her birthday.
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