May 4th, 2009

8-pointed Star

It's been one of those days...


Got to work late, discovered a critical entry in my password manager was corrupt (one I needed, of course). Received a delivery of business cards with the company logo the wrong color and engaged in a several hour chat session with a company representative (who is probably over-worked and engaging in multiple chat sessions at the same time) trying to find out how to correct the problem. Upshot? I still don't know. I need to get my hands on a pantone color guide for about five minutes to check two colors. I thought about calling around to area printers but I didn't have time what with having to leave early today.

And if that weren't enough, I swear my work computer was in a snit today. At one point I lost the bar with the back/forward/reload/etc buttons. When I was on the phone with a customer trying to look something up for her. I know I sounded like a complete ditz (and apologized for it) but honestly, it was one of those days. (I did, eventually, get her to the screen she needed.)

We were supposed to leave work at 3:00 in order to get [info]jebra to the concert venue in time to set up. We were a half hour late getting out the door, then when we got home and he was loading up the car with band equipment he discovered he'd left his phone at work. And it has all the cell phone numbers he needs for contacting the custodial staff and so forth. So he couldn't just borrow mine.

Plus [info]jebra's brother is spending the night here at our house. I wanted to launder the bedding last night, but I messed my left knee while I was at Penguicon and I knew I wouldn't be able to make multiple trips up and down the basement stairs. So I put it off until today and, now that I've made three trips up and down the stairs my knee is almost as painful as it was yesterday. By the time I finish washing everything I may have to search the house for my tube of BenGay.
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