December 29th, 2008

8-pointed Star

Last Saturday's craft finish (and general update)

Friday evening we drove to Ionia. We were supposed to leave earlier than we did, but I was having one of those days where one thing leads to another and I couldn't stop cleaning. On the down side, jebra was quite irritated with me. On the up side, the kitchen and bathroom floors are a lot cleaner than they have been in ages, the bedding got changed, and the laundry got done.

Saturday morning we drove to Mecosta County to see my brother's new house. New as in recently acquired; the house was built in 1900 and is in keeping with my brother's taste in furnishings. The man loves antiques.

The drive and and from my brother's was long and almost otherworldly. A very thick fog covered the landscape and it was difficult to see oncoming cars, let alone anything else. Although sometimes when the fog cleared we could see sheets of rain-like fog moving across the fields.

After we got back from my brother's, I got out the bag of felted sweaters I'd brought with me to my mom's and made our cats a bed.

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Sunday we had to run out for bread and a few other things for the Christmas dinner. The fog was gone, which was good, but now we could clearly see signs of flooding. Low-laying fields were covered with water and the Grand River had risen above its banks. Large portions of the Ionia Fair Grounds were under water. The Fair Grounds' parking lot is adjacent to the Grand River, so flooding there is not uncommon, but this time there was a small backhoe on the grounds with water up to the bottom of its cab and a small crew of men in waders trying to find a way to extract it from the water.

The family dinner was nice even if we were missing three of my nephews. Tommy, the one in from the Army was there, but his brother had to work and my other two nephews were reluctant to travel due to both the length of the drive and the number of roads that were closed due to flooding.

We left my mom's in the late afternoon and arrived back at our house around 8 p.m.

Today was back to work, as will be tomorrow. Then a half day on Wednesday followed by a drive to Indiana to see my brother-in-law and his family.
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