November 21st, 2008

8-pointed Star

Latest craft finish

On Labor Day I harvested the cat mint growing in my yard. Earlier this week I made a variety of wool fish-like objects. I crocheted a shark, knit two fish, and cut up an old sweater that I had previously felted and made a large school of felt fish. Last night I put all of them through the washer and dryer. After work tonight I stripped the cat mint leaves and flowers from the stems, stuffed it into the felt fish, and sewed them shut.

This task was made more difficult by Hector and Hamish, who would not leave me alone. Not that I can blame them, the aromatics from the cat mint were undoubtedly very strong. I gave them the shark as soon as I was done with it and they played with it for a surprisingly long time. They'd probably still be playing with it, but they managed to fling it underneath my office door and they can't reach it.

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