September 2nd, 2008

8-pointed Star

What I did over the long weekend

Saturday I spent half the day emptying the compost bin with the split seam. I mulched several areas around the garden with the finished compost before calling it a night. Although I actually remembered to take breaks to drink water, I didn't feel too good by the time I went inside. I wasn't having the full blown chills like I've had when I've had sunstroke, but I did feel a bit off. I drank a lot more water, took a shower, and had something to eat. Then, except for occasional breaks to tend to the washer and dryer, I spent the rest of the day playing on my laptop and watching stuff on the PVR.

Sunday I woke up reasonably early, downloaded some scrapbooking freebies, ate breakfast and consumed a pot of tea. Then it was outside to pull out the Virgin's Bower that is trying to smother the other plants by the pond. I knew I was in trouble when I discovered it has grown over the serviceberry and dogwoods. I like Virgin's Bower, but I had no idea it would turn into Michigan's kudzu if I don't cut it back every now and again. There is now a rather large pile of vines and leaves on my driveway, where it will hopefully dry in the sun.

Sunday was very hot and I gave up gardening when I once again started to overheat. I was surprised to note that I'd only been outside for two hours when I called it a day. After cleaning up, I finally watched Wilson's Heart, House's season finale. It made me cry. When it ended, I switched to live mode and discovered The Principal's Office playing on TruTv. I watched that for a bit, then decided I'd go to Jo-Ann Fabric's and use my 40% off coupon. Not to mention there's a Coldstone Creamery in the plaza and ice cream sounded pretty good. I had a bowl of strawberry ice cream, then went into to Michael's, but didn't find anything I wanted at a price I was willing to pay. My next stop was the Dollar Tree, where I found boxes of colored pencils for just one buck each. I bought two, one for home and one for work. My next stop was Jo-Ann's but I went the long way around and counted 14 empty storefronts on my way. I knew a lot of the businesses weren't doing well, but 14 must be pretty close to half the stores. I spent a good long time browsing through Jo-Ann's, but I had a hard time finding something to use my coupon on. In the end, I settled on a knitting magazine and a $1 photo album. Having successfully made my purchases, I came home and watched the most recent three episodes of The Closer and a couple of episodes of In the Heat of the Night I'd recorded earlier.

My Labor Day was truly a day of labor. I stacked firewood by the chiminea, ran a bunch of stuff through the chipper/shredder and mulched a small section of the yard, pulled out more Virgin's Bower, got the 'bad' garden hose off the driveway, watered the potted plants and hauled about 20 gallons of water to the back of the garden and dumped it over the contents of the two remaining compost bins (it's been so dry here nothing is breaking down). In all of August, it rained here once. The leaves on my trees are drooping and the flowers look a whole lot worse. It's getting so bad I'm actually considering hooking up our sprinkler. Anyway, after chipping/shredding, I cleaned off the driveway as best I could, harvested a bunch of catmint, tried to assassinate three mulberry bushes and one self-seeded prairie rosebush before putting away my tools. Then I got out my camera and my knitting. I took some photos then sat by the pond and knitted for a while. It was nice and cool, plus the waterfall sounds pretty and I got to see a few goldfish.

When I'd had enough of the great outdoors, I came inside and scrubbed out the cats' litter boxes. I'd been putting that off and today seemed like the perfect day for it as I was already filthy from my time outside. (As you'll be able to see in the picture under the fake cut.)

Once that was done, it was time to start up the washing machine and then throw myself under the shower. I did, had some lunch, thought about starting billing (it being the first of the month, I had to work. Happily, I can log in to the systems at work from here and I didn't have to make a special trip). Instead I downloaded more scrapbooking freebies, watched an old episode of Ironside, did more laundry, and renewed my library books (online, of course). Then jebra came home from his weekend up north, I gave mbumby a trio of home-grown tomatoes, did more laundry, and watched tonight's episode of The Closer.

Now it's late and I'm going to bed.

But first, the promised photo. Collapse )