June 19th, 2008

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Can anyone identify this thing?

Last summer I noticed a tree growing along the fence separating my yard from my neighbor's. At the time, it was about 3' tall. It has now reached a height of approximately ten feet, and, last night I noticed that it is bearing fruit. Is this some sort of evil weed tree that will take over my garden if I don't keep an eye out for volunteers?

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What I've been busy with so far this week

jebra and I began cleaning our pond last Saturday. I thought it would take about a day. Turns out, it takes two. And it's dirty, smelly, tiring work.

After work on Monday I was so tired and sore from the pond that I didn't do much more than sit on the couch. Although, come to think of it, that may have been the night I tried to teach myself how to knit the double moss stitch. I goofed up a few rows, but seeing as I was using left-over yarn and knitting yet another washcloth, it hardly matters.

Tuesday after work was laundry, dishes, and Quicken.

Last night was running errands. First to Bordines to buy water hyacinth. I picked out two, then was seduced by the water lilies and got one of them as well. Can't recall what kind (and forgot to remove the label from the pot before plopping it into the pond), but I know it's supposed to have yellow flowers. Hopefully it'll get enough sun to behave as the perennial it is. After Bordines it was off to Meijer to return pop cans and buy goldfish. The universe was smiling upon me as I had a wonderful clerk who didn't mind capturing specific goldfish out of two very crowded tanks. I wanted either white or brightly colored goldfish as the drab ones disappear from sight once they've been released into the pond. The next stop was FedEx, to finally ship my Jayne Hats to the California Browncoats. I didn't get home until nearly 8 p.m. and still had to acclimate the fish to the pond before releasing them, not to mention have dinner.

Today we're leaving work early so that jebra can perform with the FCB Concert Band at Heritage Park. Seeing as he's borrowing equipment from North Farmington High School, it'll undoubtedly be a fairly late night for us as we'll also have to return the equipment and the truck after the concert.
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