May 26th, 2008

8-pointed Star

Whirlwind Weekend Update

Friday we went to see the (Disney version) Beauty and the Beast at the local community theater. I thought it was a pretty good performance and I enjoyed the show more than I thought I would. The best moment was unscripted, however. It happened when Belle asks whether the annoying hunter has left and a tiny little voice from the audience pipes up "Yes."

Saturday drove to Alma for the Highland Festival. My favorite part was the kilted people buying lunch -- from the people selling Polish Sausages, Italian Beef, Gyros, Fajitas, and other ethnic fare. Happily, the longest lines were at the booths selling traditional fish & chips and meat pies. I had a scone covered with fresh strawberries and whipped cream -- Yum!

After we left the Highland Festival, we continued north to jebra's folks' house where we arrived in time for dinner -- salad, the best chicken I've had in ages, and curried rice.

After dinner we talked for a bit, then I got out my knitting. We watched a Mrs. Bradley mystery on DVD while I worked on a Jayne hat and jebra tried to get his laptop connected to WiFi.

Sunday we went to an art fair. I saw some nice jewelry and a few bird feeders that appealed to me, but I wasn't truly tempted until I met the Russian physics professor who carves wood in his spare time. I purchased a tiny hand-crafted box from him and I'm just delighted with the piece.

After the art show we went to Walmart to buy a seedless cucumber for jebra's mother. While there we also purchased munchies for today's family potluck and put fuel into the car. Then it was back to the house to have dinner with the in-laws and then watch another DVD -- I suggested the Lord Peter mystery Have his Carcase. Once again I worked on my Jayne hats while we watched. I finished adding ear flaps to the five hats I'd brought from home, and knitted a sixth, in the time it took for the story to play out. I didn't know it when I selected the DVD, but Have his Carcase originally aired over four nights, with each episode taking a little under an hour. It was nearly midnight by the time I finished my hat and story came to its conclusion.

Today we had to get up at 8:00 in order to arrive in Byron in time for the Memorial Day parade. We made it with ten minutes to spare and I found where our family was standing. I joined them until the parade was about to start, then moved forward to take photos. After the parade we went to jebra's aunt & uncle's house for the annual family potluck.

We left Byron in mid-afternoon and drove straight home. After we unpacked the car and I took a quick shower, I started a load of laundry, downloaded photos from my camera, and caught up on LJ. Skip=120; took a while to work back that far and I haven't actually read any of the tabs I opened for posts with lj cuts or that I want to read the comments on.
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