January 25th, 2008

8-pointed Star

Last night

jebra and I went to see Cabaret last night.

I haven't finished processing the experience yet, but I want to reprint the Director's Message from the program booklet:

Director's Message

I have never been a big fan of directors messages, but in the case of Cabaret I will make an exception. Cabaret gives us insight about a time and place and the people there, and helps us understand how, why and when an entire nation is so degraded, despondent and desperate that it is willing to give up its liberties in exchange for security, prosperity and the illusion of invincibility. I see what the United States is becoming and the silent complicity of so many in undermining our personal liberties and I am fearful. Not fearful of terrorists, but fearful for the future of our country. Many will say, That can never happen here. To which I respond, that's what the Germans said too.

So ask yourself, as Fraulein Schneider does, What would you do? It is so easy to believe that we would make different choices, and yet we condone torture, secret spying on our citizens, an unjust war of occupation and I ask, have we really made different choices? Cabaret is a metaphoric mirror that forces us to look at ourselves.

John Luther