April 3rd, 2007

8-pointed Star

This is the afghan...

that I was going to donate to the Ann Arbor Academy's fundraiser. I haven't previously responded to comments regarding the disposition of the afghan, but I have been mulling them over. So far, I have concluded that putting the afghan up for bid on eBay isn't practical. As for donating it to Marcon, I've never been and the afghan isn't fannish, so that doesn't seem like an ideal solution. As for giving it to an animal shelter, well, in January, when I laid out my crafting goals for the year, I reserved a spot for a donation to an animal rescue group. I did some hunting around on the web, found a few patterns, and learned that rescues prefer not to receive items made with an open weave -- they don't want their critters at risk of snagging a claw or toenail in their bedding. It looks like this afghan will be donated to Project Linus unless someone suggests a better alternative.

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